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Symposium: Credition - An Interdisciplinary Challenge

20 – 22 October 2021

This international symposium comprises experts of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, evolution biology, neurology, psychiatry as well as philosophy, theology, sociology and other humanities and young scientists interested in the topic.

The concept of credition represents an innovative research field at the interface of the natural sciences and the humanities. Credition signifies the integrative information processing that is brought about by neurophysiologically defined neural activity in the brain affording decision making. In analogy to cognition and emotion it is mediated by neural processes and constrains behavior by predictive coding. Three categories of beliefs have been defined as apparent from evolutionary biology and can be differentiated linguistically. On this basis individual, group-specific and cultural narratives of secular and non-secular origin can become normative, in particular, when enhanced by ritual acts. These belief categories pave the way for novel approaches of empirical research on the formation of civilizations and cultures as well as for new perspectives on the psychopathological understanding of mental disorders.

The goal of this research topic is to provide an interdisciplinary discourse on an international level in the emerging field of credition. Distinguished speakers who are well known due to their publication record have agreed to participate. In addition, young scientists will present short talks in which they address their scientific expertise and their interest in this new research field. The goal of the scientific exchange is the development of new interdisciplinary working hypotheses.

The e-book of the proceedings is available at  doi 10.3389/978-2-8325-2993-5