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Credition - Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program


Wednesday, 20 October 2021
11:00 Opening  
  Representative of Volkswagen Räthel


  Chair: Angel, Seitz
11:15 Pathways and crossroads to creditions - insights from a retrospective view Angel
11:45 Believing: meaning making systems  Park
12:15 Beliefs: neurophysiological underpinnings Seitz
12:45 Discussion  








  Chair: Vogeley
14:00 Nature of Belief from philosophical perspective Schwitzgebel
14:30 Am I in control of my beliefs? – philosophical and empirical perspectives Visala
15:00 Relation of philosophy and neuroscience of beliefs Runehov
15:30 Cognitive underpinnings of Buddhist philosophical traditions Forman





16:00 – 17:30



Cognitive Science


  Chair: Oviedo
17:30 Believing: correlates in non-human primates Iriki
18:00 Placebo, nocebo: credition in the field of medicine Meissner
18:30 Representations of religious beliefs van Elk
19:00 Grounding meaning into experience: towards an embodied cognition Buccino






Thursday, 21 October 2021

Physiology I

  Chair: Shamay-Tsoory
9:00 The psychoneurobiology of trust Krueger
9:30 Brain correlates of believing Han
10:00 Self-consciousness: an issue of believing Blanke


10:30 – 11:00





Clinical Studies

  Chair: Suguira
11:00 Abnormalities of belief formation Shamay-Tsoory
11:30 Neural underpinning of human beliefs: evidence from brain lesions Cristofori
12:00 Believing in Covid-pandemia Dalkner, Skacel
12:30 Learning about credition Madzarevic


13:00 – 14:00





Physiology II

  Chair: Taves
14:00 Expression of concepts in language Borghi
14:30 Neural mechanisms of intersubjectivity Vogeley
15:00 Emotion in belief formation Garrett
15:30 Personal beliefs when coping with catastrophes Suguira


16:00 – 16:30





Decision making

  Chair: Han
16:30 Neural mechanisms underlying expectation-guided decision-making Kahnt
17:00 Where do our preferences come from? How hard decisions shape preferences Voigt
17:30 Evolving Belief: insights into the development and functioning of human society Fuentes
18:00 The influence of credition on decision making in the development of sustainable powertrain solutions Kranabitl






Friday, 22 October 2021
  Chair: Hick
9:00 Computational modeling of religious credition: metaphysical and metaethical implications Shults
9:30 Believing and artificial intelligence Lumbreras
10:00 Neuroscience of religion: pitfalls and prospects Schjödt


10:30 – 11:00




Believing and Beliefs    
  Chair: Runehov
11:00 The phylo- and ontogenesis of bias van Eyghen
11:30 Two concepts of ‘belief’ strength: epistemic confidence versus identity strength van Leeuwen
12:00 The multidisciplinary study of belief and believing: where are we now? Oviedo
12:30 Degrees of belief and categorical beliefs Dietrich


13:00 14:00




Believing, Appraising, and Meaning Making    
  Chair: Paloutzian
14:00 Believing and appraising in meaning making processes Park
14:30 Believing and the disposal of bodies after death Applewhite
15:00 Believing, appraising, and the phenomenology of experience: can we separate them in practice? Ihm
15:30 Appraising Ambiguous Experiences in Hindi-speaking India and the English-speaking United States Taves
16:00 End of symposium